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High quality Research Chemical

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CARFENTANIL Product name: CARFENTANIL Formula: C24H30N2O3 Molar mass: 394.515 g/mol Boiling point: 187 °C (369 °F) ChemSpider ID: 55986 Elimination half-life: 2 - 4 hours PubChem CID: 20111961 UNII: LA9DTA2L8F


A-PVP CRYSTAL Product name: A-PVP Formula: C15H21NO Molar mass: 231.339 g/mol Boiling point: 187 °C (369 °F) ChemSpider ID: 9324063 Elimination half-life: 1 - 3 hours PubChem CID: 11148955 UNII: 767K3AWA4R Appearance: Crystal



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BLACK TAR HEROIN - 99,8% PURITY BLACK TAR HEROIN is dark brown or black and has a tar-like, sticky feel due to the crude way it's processed, which is different than the powder form of the drug. 
DMT (N,N-DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE) Product name: DMT (N,N-DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE) Formula: C12H16N2 Boiling point: 320°F (160°C) Molar mass: 188.269 g/mol Density: 1.099 g/cm³ CAS ID: 61-50-7 Melting point: 40 °C (104 °F)
U-48800 - 99,7% PURITY Product name: U-48800 - 99,8% PURITY Formula: C16H22Cl2N2O Molar mass: 329.27 g·mol−1 Boiling point: 732.2°F (389°C) ChemSpider ID: 23113403 Elimination half-life: 3–6 hours PubChem CID: 13544016 UNII:6IY4WX208T Appearance: Powder Purity:99.7%
Product name: OXYCODONE POWDER HCL Purity: 99.8% Appearance: White powder Application: Research purpose Storage: Kept in a cool,dry and ventilated place Packing: Aluminum foil bag or customized.
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